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The Keli Dowry

Baico Publishing | Trade Paperback


The hypnotic royal blue of the Aegean, the sunny isles of Zeus in the windswept 'cradle' of democracy, the only CIA agent ever to be premier of a European nation ( Col. George Papadopoulos ), an American archaeological dive-team in the Gulf of Argos tracking antiquity under the brutal nose of the Athens Junta, including a young north-of-Ireland widow shedding the 'troubles', and a Vietnam vet from New England shedding his demons of S.E. Asia -- refugees in a timeless harbour, launched on international adventure plagued by world events, local dictators, and the still-potent ghosts of the Nazi occupation -- the sensuality, violence, and intrigue you'd expect in the Greece of yesterday, and today.


Philippe Gigantes, 

Minister of Culture in Greece, and Secretary General to King Constantine​ at the time of the Colonels’ 1967 coup in Athens, author of Power & Greed: A Short History of the World​​

The Keli Dowry is a delicious book... I'd give my right ear for your talent. Your characters are so well-drawn. Your descriptions are so evocative... best love scenes I have read... magically tender sensuality. Those who have traveled to Greece should buy it, read it, shut their eyes and they will be transported to the great beaches, the blue seas and the warmth of the sun in the land of Apollo, Diana and Aphrodite.

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