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The Linnet

Pegasus, Vanguard Press

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The grey wall of subterfuge, violence, and endless corruption, cloud national integrity at the bottom of the Steppes:  will the permafrost of 1917, WWII and the gulag ever thaw?  Can a unique spirit sing a fresh song in the ‘new’ Ukraine of post-1991?  Taste the rich wine and borscht as you witness a Canadian lawyer and a Ukrainian woman firebrand struggle with MI6, ex-KGB entrepreneurs, and current kleptocrats.  Immerse yourself in the proud river ' running through ' them all ( the Dnipro ).

Can the hearts and dreams of two little people amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world ?


" All in, this novel is quite 'deep' nature of the author's research the political content of Ukraine is necessary and vital to give the storyline a good base to improvise on.  Resulting from this the author produces a 'cliffhanger' with a deceptive twist two thirds of the way through...marvellous."

The editors, Pegasus Publishers, Cambridge, UK


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